Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Helloooo Netflix

Since we didn't go to the beach for Labor Day, Dave signed us up for Netflix and I went wild! I am obsessed with the show Weeds - I had never seen it before but heard great things. The first episode was in 2005 and the final episode was in 2012 so I have tons of catching up to do! (I think there are about 102 episodes total lol) Mary-Louise Parker (above) plays a suburban house wife whose husband just died suddenly of a heart attack and to make ends meet she amps up her pot dealing. It's a must watch.

Dave and I started watching Breaking Bad together. It's about a Chemistry teacher recently diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer who is tired of being treated like crap by work and life in general. He works two lousy jobs and after the diagnosis he decides to make money by making meth. The guy above behind him is a former student and he partners up with him to start making meth. Apparently the teacher is really really really good at making it - for obvious reasons! We watched episode one last night and will definitely be watching more this week!

I watched this whole season on Saturday. Yep, it was my super lazy day which ended up being super embarrassing when the neighbors came over to get some ice for their cooler for Allman Brothers ha. Oh well. I did this same thing when I watched Friday Night Lights.  Anyway, Orange is the New Black is a Netflix series and it is SO good. A little heavy on lesbian and nudie women but still good. Obviously it's by the same guy who created Weeds so I knew I'd like it! The blond above, Piper Chapman, has her life completely flipped upside down when her past is dug up which includes smuggling drug money when she was dating her lesbian drug dealer girlfriend. Evidently I have been watching a lot of shows about drugs this weekend! LOL When her past is drug  up, she is engaged to Jason Biggs (American Pie) and has her own soap line with her best friend. She turns herself in for a 15 months in jail.... and her lesbian ex happens to be doing her sentence there as well. She learns how to survive life in a women's prison. It's great!

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