Monday, September 30, 2013

1 Week

Welp, here we are a week after the surgery. I must say I was lucky that the dermoid cyst turned out to be a regular liquid filled cyst and that they did not find anything in way of endometreosis, stuck tubes or anything with the gal bladder! I have a post op with the doctor in October. Fingers crossed that everything is healing well and that these cysts don't return! Hopefully by November we will be back on the baby track again :) Right now I am set to go back to work tomorrow. I tried going to Target yesterday and it was not a good experience. I could barely walk around the store and got really over heated. So I knew that today was not the ideal day to return to the office. Too much too soon. I feel a whole lot better today so that is a blessing. I think Dave is tired of waiting on me hand and foot - LOL. I have been so fortunate for good weather recently! Good FALL weather! My parents came yesterday and we had lunch on the front porch - the weather (and the Peculiar Rabbit food) could not have been better! I have been overwhelmed with love over the past week from friends, family, and coworkers. I have been sent cards, flowers, fruits, dinners, and lots of well wishes! So today I am feeling very blessed and very hopeful for the future. Thanks for all of your kind words through email and text that you, my bloggy blog readers, have sent me over the past week. :)

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