Monday, August 12, 2013

Health Scare

Dave and I went my OBGYN this past Friday for an ultrasound.  The appointment was to check out my follicles.  We were pretty prepared for the Dr. to tell us that this was his last step and that we needed to move on to a Infertility Specialist.  But, that's not what happened. The follicles DID look good. However, during the (super uncomfortable) ultrasound the nurse was all like "oh wow your ovaries are very enlarged". Then she began taking measurements on the screen and printing the images for the doctor. Obviously she couldn't say more to us because she wanted to show the Dr. the pictures first. That waiting time to see the Dr. is the worst, isn't it? So we sit down with the Dr. and he tells me that I have one regular cyst in my left ovary and one dermoid cyst in my other. Whatever you do, do NOT look up dermoid cyst. I did, and it took me two days to get over the images. Basically it's not filled with liquid like a regular cyst is and has to be removed. So it looks like this girl is having surgery this September to have both cysts removed... with a week's recovery time. Not gonna lie, I'm kinda scared as the only surgery I've ever had is to get my wisdom teeth removed. BUT if this is reason for our infertility problems then I am happy to get these ovaries all cleaned up and get the baby plans back on track! Keep us in your prayers next month please!

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