Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 1st

The weekend started off with work lol. Every month I have a group of volunteers come in on a Saturday morning - this past Saturday was a group from Wells Fargo.

After that Dave and I went to this new restaurant in our neighborhood called Joe Hooper's. It's a bar and grille type of place and I was really impressed with their bloody mary menu. We shared the fried pickles - Dave got a burger and tots and I got the grilled chicken salad - it was all really good... and really bad for you! 

After lunch I dropped off a big load of old clothes to Salvation Army. Then I took my second trip to the brand new Harris Teeter down the street from us. It just opened this past week and has been a mad house. I'm still getting used to the lay out but am glad that we have an HT up and running again in our neck of the woods! If you live close by, you should check it out, they have some awesome sales going on right now.

After the grocery run I came back home and decided to get catch some rays in the back yard. Brees wasn't sure what I was doing and decided she best block the sun.

Then she gave up and laid down for a napperoo. 

This laying out thing only lasted an hour as Brees got antsy and wanted to play ball. After a little ball playing I decided to walk to Target. We walked the greenway last weekend and it was really nice and I felt like Target was close enough that it would get good exercise and not be too terrible carrying items back with me.

These were some pretty flowers I passed.

The greenway - this is where you can park and start walking. We live about a half a mile from this point so I just walked the whole way. 

The greenway has some wetlands! It smells salty too.

Ahhh, yes, made it to Target in just a little over a mile.

I got some Essie "Geranium" nail polish which actually reminded me of my mom because she always had red geraniums on our porches in the summer time. 

I grabbed these new jam jams. They are super comfty and I love me a good set of pajamas. They are great for when you are traveling or have company etc. vs. wearing your old gym pants. Here's the link.

I also snagged this Traditional Home magazine. It is packed with great ideas and definitely worth the $4.99!

And I snagged some pacifiers for upcoming baby gifts like this one above. Our neighbors down the street just had a baby boy last week and I am going to bring them this loaf of banana bread tomorrow - complete with a little pacifier :) 

I also snagged these Mrs. Meyers green cleaning items. The Jessica Alba book inspired me to want to clean with more environmentally friendly and safe cleaning items. So, I started with some Lemon Verbena hand soap for the guest bath and some Basil Countertop Spray.  I tried them out and it's nice to have a countertop spray that doesn't smell like a cleaning product. The hand soap is great because it doesn't leave any residue on your hands after washing/drying. 

After my big day I came home to crash on the sofa only to find that something is wrong with our satellite dish so my lovely husband set me up on the computer with a movie that I had been dying to see - What to Expect When Expecting. It was SO good!! I watched it via Amazon Prime.

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