Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Belated Weekend Wrap Up

So.... I really want these stools for our breakfast bar. The ones we have are cheap and have broken in the past. These are 2 for $99 on Now I am just trying to convince Dave!

We went up to Mooresville on Saturday to check out Merino's furniture warehouse. Dave thought we might be able to find bar stools there. They had some but they were too expensive and we didn't really like any of them that much. But the place was pretty cool. It's whole sale big brand name furniture.

We wanted to go eat at JJ Wasabi's in downtown Mooresville however they are closed for lunch - grrr. They have the best hibachi! So, we went to the new Popeye's because well, that's Dave's favorite place to eat. It's a New Orleans thing.

Funny big chair at Merinos

We had a baby shower to attend on Sunday night which I didn't take pictures of :( Ugh. BUT I also started making things for our 4th of July trip! Like toffee brownies....

And cheese balls....

Freeze and thaw - my favorite way to prepare for a party! Tonight I am making banana bread - same concept.

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