Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Stay-cation

Our big weekend started with Friday night at E2 - Emeril's restaurant here in Charlotte. They had an all you can eat crawfish boil every Friday night in May. They served all different types of Abita which Dave was really excited about! With the crawfish came corn on the cob, red potatoes, and a really delicious sausage. I probably had a total of 5 crawfish, I think Dave had a total of 5 plates.

Oh, hey there little guy.
Our friends Jesse and Taylor getting after their first ever crawfish. They did great! Everyone got a necklace as that was your "ticket" in.

The guys.
The food.

Little Grayson at his frist crawfish boil. He had a potato and liked it! What a champ!


On Saturday Dave had a hankering for the Cheesecake factory lol. I have no idea why but we went and shared their crab/artichoke dip (you can get it with corn chips GF friends) and I ordered off their light menu the mexi style salad. It was huge but delish! And every time we go to the CF (which is two times in 5 years), we never have room for the actual cheesecake fun.

Then I went to the new Whole Foods - which.was.awesome. And to Barnes and Noble. I wanted to get some glossies for the weekend. We had originally planned on being out of town and relaxing so I wanted to create that same vacation but at our home. I saw these cute Jonathan Adler book ends for a nursery or child's room while in line to check out and had to share because they were just too cute not to! And surprisingly they were only $40!

Okay so I got a little carried away and picked up Jessica Alba's new book while there. I was really curious as I think her Honest Company products are really neat. She basically lives an organic lifestyle - for everything - food, beauty products, cleaning products, etc. But in a normal way - not an unreasonable way at all. It was really interesting and fulfilled my need to read and relax on our front porch.

Someone else who enjoyed maxing out this weekend. After reading on the porch we went for a 4 1/2 mile walk on the new Little Sugar Creek Greenway. This little girl was tuckered out! It was our first time on the greenway and it was really nice!

On Sunday I worked all day to clean out drawers of three separate dressers I had things stored in. Whew, I have quite the load to take to salvation army this week!

I just love dressing Brees up! Don't you love her "dog-kini"? Hehe! I don't know what it is but I find it hilarious that she let's me do it in the first place! I found this gem of a tanktop that I wore in college. I think I was an A cup then - my oh my how things have GROWN over the years!!!?

I went for a 2 mile run on Sunday afternoon and used the Nike+Running App..... super cool. I wasn't able to move on Monday morning - youch! On Sunday night we went to a new restaurant called Cowbell, a burger bar, to celebrate our friend's (Joe BURGER) birthday. They didn't have a gluten free burger bun but all other items on their menu are gluten free. Dave and I shared the Kitchen Sink Salad (minus the egg and cranberries) and then I got the Umami burger naked (no bun) with roasted corn. Dave got the Gambler with fries. My burger was good - nothing to write home about - the corn was meh - but Dave's fries were amazing and he kept raving about his burger. The salad was phenomenal. After dinner we went to Prohibition and there was not a soul there so we played musical chairs (Dave's idea) and I taped it on Vine. Have you all heard about that App? You can basically make a .gif video. It's awesome.
So that brings us to today, Monday. Dave and I hung out this morning.... ate lunch at Chipotle outside and then went to see the Great Gatsby at Phillips Place at 3:00. I was excited to see it but let me tell you - it's a long one. Dave even admitted that he dozed off a time or two lol. But it was good! The digital affects were amazing and so were Gatsby's parties! I think it's a good one to see on the big screen. I wasn't sure how music by Jay-Z and others of Today's artists was going to go over but it really worked out well!

And the finale by my afternoon was this beauty!!!! Small Original with Strawberries - doesn't get much better than that!!! :) HELLOOOO Summer time! :)

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