Sunday, May 19, 2013

Joe's Graduation Weekend

Just last weekend we visited DC for my cousin Joe's graduation from American University. My aunt and uncle rented this cute place in DC for us all to stay together. Well they first rented another place in Georgetown at first but the day we were to arrive, pipes burst in the place! It had more bedrooms and baths but it's okay - we are all family - so we didn't mind sharing this smaller place! Plus - our stay was free! :) This second place was actually located in DC and was just a few blocks away from the Capital. If you have never used VRBO I would totally recommend using it! My aunt and uncle rent through there for all of their trips around the world! It really allows you to feel like you are a resident of whereever you are visiting!

We got to stay in a bedroom that was located on the 3rd floor. I twas very nice! It even had plantation shutters (LOVE).

I liked this little chair, a lot.

These were the townhouses that were nex to us. Our place was kind of set up like a shot gun house. It went really far back. In fact, one of these places below was historic as it was Fredrick Douglas' home.

On our first night we ate at home. My aunt fixed bruscetta with roasted tomatoes and some really yummy guacamole.  Then we dined on salmon (with fennal, onion and lemon), roasted aparagus, salad and corn pudding. For dessert we had a delicious chocolate cake from CakeLove bake shop.

My favorite meal was at Jaleo. It was a tapas restaurant that had a really creative set up. Our table was actually a piece of glass set over a foozball (sp?) table. And yes you could play the game while eating lol.

Our friend Merris had told us about how big gin and tonics were on her honeymoon in Spain but we didn't know that they would be THIS GOOD.  They served them in this big glass with juniper buds, mint leaf, and lime. And that big block in the middle was a piece of ice! They hand carve them into giant squares. The tonic came in it's own little bottle and was definitely the secret ingredient.

I, of course, had sangria! Yummmmm.

My favorite dish of the night were these mussels - served cold - with a gazpacho over them.

Manchego and marinated apples! This was my second favorite.

Dave reaaaaalllly liked the gin and tonics.

Here we are on a very WINDY graduation day with Joe! As you can tell I was freezing so I kept my wrap on all day! They mispronounced his last name incorrectly but he was okay with it!

Joe with Dad and Shirley!

This is me getting creative on picstitch/instagram during the 4 hour program. lol

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