Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wedding of the Century - Part 1

I have been so excited for this weekend! Our good friends Merris and Todd got married yesterday and it would be a lot of great friends, having a good time and celebrating, in one place! I.could.not.wait. Plus, I had several sneak peaks of Mer's wedding decor and could not wait to see it all put together. She is SUPER great at interior design, DIY and now she can add wedding planner to her list!! It was PERFECT!

Since the wedding was outside and the reception was in a barn.... I thought it was only acceptable to wear cowboy boots! I found my dress at Belk, it's a Jessica Simpson number. And you can't really tell but I was totally sporting a very bright orange lipstick by Sephora

The invite! Mer made them herself!! Adorable right? Their wedding colors were mint and peach!!
Wedding and reception both took place at the Alexander Homestead.

 I look giant here but I wanted to show off my pretty friend Kristen who came in from NYC for the big day! She stayed at Mueller Mansion lats night :) We love us some "krogs".

Adorable welcome sign. When we came to the wedding we were asked to sign a guest book which meant us taking a Polaroid picture, taping it down in a book with adorable washi tape (similar), and write a cute note in of course mint and peach sharpies! Such a great idea....

Here is our friend Donald (notice the groom behind in to the left and Best Man on the right - Todd's dad). Donald is holding a big dog bone because he was in charge of walking M/T's dog, Trout, down the aisle - ha!! He did a great job!

I almost cried when I saw this sign. This is T/M's niece, Maggie. Her sign said "Uncle Todd, here comes your bride." SO CUTE.

This is Maggie's little sister, Lilly Brooke. She only made it this far. lol

And here is the gorgeous bride and her dad! Mer wore a J.Crew wedding dress which totally fit her casual outdoor wedding theme..... I wouldn't have pictured her in anything else! She looked so amazing!

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