Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Big Three-Oh!

Wow! Yesterday was quite the day! I felt SO loved!! My week started with presents from my mother in law. Dave would give me two presents a day from her. Monday I got some cute owl notecards, a funny labrador sign and a cute girly b-day book! I will have to post those on here once I grab pics of them! Then on Tuesday she gave me the below.....

I was so excited! She MADE me a gift! She worked on it for 2 months!!! This gift is my favorite so far and the most special gift that I recieved. I have been asking for a book of her recipes for the longest time and she made one for me! Not only does it include her great recipes but also Dave's paternal and maternal grandmother's recipes! I want to make all of the recipes NOW so I think I might pull a Julie & Julia cooking spree by cooking one recipe a day from this great book!

Here is what is inside the book. A picture of me from my first birthday with Beth and Nick in my life. They spoiled me rotten. We were in New Orleans and Beth gave me all the cute present I am adorned with in the picture below! I love that she wrote "Cooking Up Memories" (right) as it is the sweetest note to read and re-read again and again.

This picture is a bit blurry but you can see to the left there are pictures of Dave's grandmothers and Beth - the cookbook recipe contributors!

Each page is bright and colorful and adorned with the cutest stickers!! May favorite sticker is the shrimp below! LOL!

This card made me smile. And we haven't even gotten to my real Birthday yet.

Oh! Here we are! Yes I worked on my Birthday because who wants to be at home when everyone else it work!?

I hate this picture BUT it had to be posted because you can tell how festive my co-workers made my cube and  me!

My director Kelly made this fabulous sign for me! It is a big 3-0 made of pictures of me with friends and family! I love it!

Dave surprised me with this giant and GORGEOUS bouquet of flowers! He picked them out himself too! He has never sent me flowers at work so I was shocked.

Carol from work brought me these super cute MINI daffodils! Everything is cuter when it is mini!

Because I am a gluten free girl my coworkers got me an icecream cake from Dairy Queen!
 It was DEEELISH. I did have to take my gluten and dairy pills though!
There were brownie bits in the cake but nothing too overwhelming!

Making a wish.... to lose the lbs.... like I wish for every year. LOL

This was too cute not to share.

"Nailed it!" - Kelly cut the first piece and it was a disaster but, it tasted great!

A full visual of my cubical. Whoa.

I can not believe how many cards I have recieved! I feel so loved!

Miss Beth also sent me these AMAZING and brightly colored khaki pants from the Gap! They came with a gift card to a local spa!

And I got to break out a pair of the new pants this morning for work!

Oh and before I forget, my honey got a great big gift card to go shopping - isn't he the best? And then he took me to dinner at my favorite sushi place in town - Nikko. Check out our starter above, the Firecracker Shrimp! They are spicy and crunchy and oh so amazing.

Cheers to one great 30th birthday! And guess what? It's not over yet! Dave is throwing me a party in early May (it's the only time we could do it) so the celebration continues!!

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  1. OMG!!! Can your MIL please adopt me? She sounds absolutely amazing. Sounds like you had a great day!!!