Monday, March 4, 2013

Bird Bombed

Soooo I had a weird weekend-unsure if I have a viral infection or if my thyroid is out of wack or what! So I spent all weekend in bed basically. Back pain, tired, throat ache, head ache, etc.
This week is big for me at work because we are prepping for our Prescription for Hope Gala that is on Saturday!

I went to one Dr. This morning for thyroid (i have hypothyroidism) and am going to another for viral infection... I can't feel bad on Saturday!!! Not to mention while preparing this week!

So my at home agenda is basically ordering-in, rest, tv, do more of nothing and bed. Our house is a pig sty.

And also, I just had to share this picture of my car from this morning. It was poop bombed by birds this weekend-ugh! Adding a car wash to my to-don't list this week!

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