Monday, February 18, 2013

New Bern

This is my bestie Elly. She lives in New Bern.

She and her husband Tate got married last year. They bought a house in New Bern just recently. Dave and I went to visit this weekend.

We brought a house warming basket of house goodies.

El and I drinking blood orange mimosas at Persimmons in downtown NB. Things got crazy.

These mimosas were the We also split a burger (sans bun) that was topped with goat cheese and this onion jam that was delish. Then we got sweet potato fries with a yummy aioli (sp?).

The bestie is so Rachel Zoe. Look at her rockin' the fur vest and Ray Bans. Not to mention, she ALWAYS has her nails done. Me, not so much.

We didn't take very many pictures but we did get this one. My boob looks odd here but what are yougonna do. Atleast we got a decent pic! Love you El!

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