Tuesday, February 19, 2013

DOWNTON **Spoiler Alert**

Not nice Downton! First we lose Sybil who leaves behind a baby and husband.... and now we lose Matthew which leaves Mary and their baby behind?! Grrrr. Thanks alot Matthew for leaving the show! So my two favorite characters - gone. I am not going to lie, I thought that maybe Matthew and Mary would have a baby with issues because well, they.are.cousins! But nope, instead they had a beautiful baby, a boy of course, and now he is without a father. My co-worker said that they were going to have Matthew die in a hunting accident so atleast they didn't do that to us! I am not sure that Mary will ever be able to find another husband because she is well, Mary. And then there's poor Tom, he's getting hit on left and right! He won't have a problem at all finding someone. So... what's next for Downton? I am not excited that ole cousin Rose is coming to stay - although she has great clothes - she is TROUBLE. Atleast Downton is safe which means that the show must go on!

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