Sunday, January 20, 2013


Since we got back on Thursday night I have been so incredibly lazy - it's embarrassing.  I've eaten horrible things in horribly large quantities. I've slept in until 11 each day! I think I have turned into a teenage version of myself. hahaha. SO anyway, I've decided to put it behind me and start over again right after my mexicoma this afternoon!

As a side note - I do have to mention that my motivation to cook or clean has been next to 0. Thank goodness I have one more day to get my rear in gear - thanks MLK!

I DID manage to get out of the house some though! Yesterday we went to the park with our friends Jacquie and Mike. They brought their two bull dogs (Huey and Sadie Mae) and her sister's dog (Codder). We, of course, brought Brees girl. It was quite the troop of canines.

The bull dogs have their own wagon for getting around.

Looks like a mini Central Park right? Ha!

And then we went to the Bobcats Basketball game with Jacquie and Michael! It was tons of fun. We walked right by Michael Jordan and it was one of those moments that you just stop in your tracks! I felt like I was in a Hanes commercial. He even smiled at us!

We also saw Panthers Player Thomas Davis. Annnd we met and a took a picture with Bobcats player, Byron Mullens. He's 7 feet tall! 

The guys with ole Byron.

And that's my weekend in a nut shell. Wish me luck as I finally start doing laundry!

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