Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekend in Pictures!

On Friday I got a sweet sympathy card from my friend Kristen who lives in NYC. It made my day.

On Saturday I had breakfast at Toast with my high school friend Lauren. No pics of this as it was too early and we were rockin sweats! But just so you know, their GF pancake is totally better than it was last year!
Then Dave and I ran errands and I grabbed a second pair of Pixie pants in blue at J.Crew! I'm obsessed.
Later than night Dave had to work at the Bobcats game and I got to tag along. I hung out in the suite and then even got some time on the court! Not shooting hoops though! Ha! And the Bobcats won... Which doesn't happen very often!
Dave has been watching Homeland so on Sunday we drove to scout out the houses they used for filming. There are several around town! Even though I've already seen the first season, I'm having fun watching it again to point out all the spots in Charlotte and Mooresville! Can't wait to see season 2!
Oh! And for lunch we went to Paco's Taco's (delish) and I got this swanky drink that I thought was just a margarita but it was a fancy cocktail! It was a spicy margarita with cilantro and jalepeno! If you're ever at a Mexican place, and you like spicy, you need to see if they offer a margarita with jalepenos in it!


  1. Oh, how cool is that - I didn't know Homeland was filmed in/around Charlotte!! I am just watching the first season now, I have 3 episodes left. Great show but shoot, it makes me anxious! So tense!

  2. We just started on season 2! We have LOVED having Homeland filmed in Charlotte. Brody's house is in South Park (the one above). And I will have to post the two others that are in our neighborhood, Elizabeth! They are Saul's and Carrie's sister's house! I'm obsessed. lol. Hunger games was filmed in CLT too! And I just read that a new show on Cinemax called Banshee is being filmed here too! I get super excited whenever I see all the movie trailers and such set up around town! haha.

  3. That is so super cool! Yeah I expected to see a yellow ribbon tied around one of the trees in the front yard of Brody's (fake) house! So cool! Now I wonder where Carrie's family's cabin really is... that lake was so pretty.

  4. Yep it sure is! I think that the lake house is on Lake Norman.