Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's Sunday, again!!??!?

This weekend we went to a wedding in Asheville for our friends Taylor and Jesse. I forgot how wonderful Asheville is!

The wedding took place in a sweet little park... This is Dave watching guests arrive on trolleys. It was a sweet ceremony and I can't wait to show more pics once they're posted online :)

It was chilly out!! I broke out the winter coat! When the happily married couple walked back down the aisle they played the 80s hit, Jesse's Girl-it was hilarious!

Jesse and Taylor walking around to tables to greet guests...

The venue

Pretty arrangement :)

Each table was "numbered" by years in their life-we were the 2010 & 2011 table!

Today I saw this on a magazine while in the Grocery check out line and I thought it was gorgeous.

I put this giant mum on our porch today :)

Along with these awesome pumpkins that I fell in love with!

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