Saturday, June 16, 2012

Last weekend

We all headed to Atlanta!

We stopped for dinner in Marietta and met up with friends there.

We stayed with Lisl and "Gunt" and they took us to this new market!

Check out this colorful!

Dave got a tshirt!

They were selling lemonade and produce!

They had a dog park that brees loved! Here she is cooling off in the water bucket lol

They sold succulents there... They were so good lookin!

This is Lisl and her dog boo bear. Boo is an old lady with one bum ear. She looks like a large golden retriever puppy ha! She was very sweet.

They had a doggie course! The boys tried to get B on the ramp! She only made it halfway!

"way down yonder of the chattahoochie"..... and yes brees went swimming!!!!

Then it was time to go to the Jimmy Buffet concert! Dave, their neighbor "red", and Gunt.

This group was tailgating next to us and they were wild for some Jimmy!



I brought a gluten free beer and it was Delish!

Huge crowd!

The end!

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