Thursday, June 21, 2012


So  my co-worker Susan told me about a new gym she joined. It is $20 less than the Y and was mostly importantly, NOT crowded. The two reasons I stopped my Y membership was the expense and the crowd! So today I am going to check out Susan's gym after work. I have been panicked about our annual 4th of July bash at the mountain house this year because I know that I will be the only girl wearing a one piece bathingsuit. Not cool. I am not even 30 yet and should have a rockin' body. I have been trying to do weight watchers but honestly, I eat healthy because I avoid dairy, gluten and soy. So, it doesn't do much for me besides portion control. I went to a health lunch n' learn yesterday at work and it was talking about weight loss. They said that the most important thing you can do is exercise because it helps everything from weight loss to lowering cholesteral and stress, etc. So, keep your fingers crossed for me that I really like this gym today!

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