Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Did you all catch Jef with one F saying this to Emily as they laid on that library floor in last night's episode. I thought it was hilarious - especially with the puppet show prior to it which was even more funny!!

Jef is one of my two favorites....although I do think it's going to be really weird when Emily can't meet his parents, just his siblings. Odd, right?
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Then there is Sean, so down to earth. He is my second pick - in no particular order.
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  1. I just caught up last night (had been out of the country for 3 weeks - no streaming of abc.com :( which stinks) and I loved the library scene, too! Although I agree, the way Jef said his parents were in South Carolina and wouldn't be coming for the hometown date was a little sketchy... he said his sister was on a mission, plus he is from Utah - maybe he is Mormon and they're on a mission, too? I guess we'll see tonight how it plays out!