Tuesday, May 22, 2012

John L. Conrad

 My grandfather passed away on Monday morning at 9am.  He was my last grandparent still living. We called him "Pop". The last time I saw him was at Thanksgiving (picture below) and he had changed radically in his health.  I knew he was getting older but he had always seemed so "with it" that it never dawned on me that he was actually - old. Vistation is Thursday and the Funeral is Friday. Most likely the Funeral will be at the church that I last saw him at in this Thanksgiving photo. He was quite the character and always made an impression on each person he came in contact with. He was a "grumpy old man" with a big wit that loved to tease people and make jokes. In his old age he would tell young girls when they had a beautiful smile or he would share his own smile by pulling his dentures out causing the girl or girls to scream. And he'd just lauggghh. His humor was definitely not PC nor was it PG-13. He cussed a lot and made fun of people. He just wanted to get a rise. I remember when I was younger he was so supple for a grandfather. He would get on his bike and us girls would take turns riding in the front basket. Or he'd play soccer with us. Or basketball. He encouraged all of us to be young athletes. He didn't like fat or lazy people. However, his one vice was dunkin donuts. I always looked forward to a blueberry donut from dunkin when at his house - this was when my Nana was still living.  He loved Julia Roberts - she had the best smiles he thought. For awhile he thought that I was a news anchor on TV. That always cracked me up. And even t hough he had this hard military exterior, he was such a softy on this inside and would say things to me like "love you baby". He smoked cigars and wore shorts all year round. He was on the neighborhood watch even in his 80s. He liked being in charge, haha. He once stopped a guy from stealing a car. Can you imagine an 80 year old attacking a young thief? Oh the memories.... and I have tons more but right now, these are enough to share with you :) Please keep us in mind as the reality of this will definitely hit at Visitation on Thursday...


  1. Emily- I'm sending you my sincerest sympathy on the passing of your grandfather. It sounds like he was a really fun and special man. I think you must of gotten a bunch of your spunk from him. much love and a great big hug. xo molls

  2. I'm so sorry! That's so sad and happy somehow at the same time!! I lost my grandmother in December :(