Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

We've had a really relaxed weekend. We had a lunch date yesterday and a friend is stopping by today. So nothing really crazy going on. I went to the outlet mall on Friday after work but didn't have any luck finding anything. Sometimes you aren't in the mood to shop though so I blame it on that haha.  I watched this oldie but goodie movie last night - "Because I Said So" - I guess it's running over and over again on the Style network because of Mother's Day weekend as I am watching it AGAIN this morning lol. Dave doesn't understand why I like to watch movies more than once but when it comes to chick flicks - I can never get enough!  I also watched "It's Complicated" last night, another good one! I never get tired of that house, I would like all the interior to be transported into my own house - please - thanks.

So today is Mothers Day and all I can think about are my friends who are new others or are expecting mothers. I am sure they are thinking that this time next year they will be holding their new little additions! I can't imagine the feeling of excitement that they have right now. Although, my best friend Lucille has been sick as a dog her whole first trimester so I am sure she would say the excitement comes with a side of queeziness lol. Anyway, I hope if you are a fur mommy or a human mommy that you have a fan-tab-u-lous day!

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