Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bachelorette Contestants

So right now here are the guys that I am liking.  Arie, the race car driver. Total hottie.
 Kalon, he's the one who came in on the helicopter.... little does he know, Emily is on Hendrick helicopters all the time. So basically, not impressive. But, seems nice enough.
 Jef, ok I know he is a little different.... but I loved that he threw his skateboard into the bushes on his way into the house lol. He also seems to have the best, most calm, personality of the bunch. I have a feeling he will get along with everyone and hang in there for quite a while. As a side note, I doubt Emily would move to Salt Lake City where his company is located.
Charlie, oh Charlote, don't you just want to pinch his cheeks? He seems like a sweet guy - not sure he is really Emily's type but I thought he was nice and that they had a good conversation in their time together.

Who are your favorites?


  1. Another race car driver?? I didn't see the premiere on Monday so I cannot judge (yet!) - but that seems crazy!

  2. Haha great minds think alike! I did a similar post with my picks. I think Arie will go really far too. He's muy caliente too :) I like that she wasn't phased by the fact that he's a racer....buuut would that be weird in the end? It would almost be too much...but still, i like him as my #1 pick. I also liked Ryan, the guy that does sports stuff with kids. Little goofy, and i'm not totally sure whats going on with his hair, but I liked him a lot. Did NOT like heli-guy at all. Gives me the heebie geebies for some reason! Happy Bach Nights!