Monday, April 16, 2012

My best friend's wedding

Friday morning Dave and I drove to New Bern (about 5 hours from CLT) so that we could attend all the festivities to celebrate Tate and Elly's wedding weekend :) Friday morning was the bridesmaids luncheon/brunch where we got to meet alot of elly's family and girlfriends. Elly gave the bridesmaids each a large Tervis tumbler with our monogram on them, a bottle of champagne, and earrings for the wedding day. She gave those helping with the wedding (reading or greeting) a clear umbrella with their monogram on it. Then we went over to the church for the wedding rehearsal. And after that, we headed over to the Farmer's Market for the rehearsal dinner!
Here is Elly and Tate at the rehearsal dinner. This was right after several speeches were made. I was super nervous to do my speech - so nervous that I took off my heels because I felt I needed my feet firmly planted on the ground lol. All of the speeches were really good, especially Elly's brothers speeches. She is the last of the three kiddos to get married, and the youngest, and the only girl ha! And as she has said ever sine the day she got engaged, "You only get married once!" I cannot tell you how many times me and the other bridesmaids heard this line lol.
You can't really tell from this photo but El had cornhole boards made with her monogram on them. They were super cute and in hot pink and blue. Dave is that figure in the distance lol.
The theme was southern - burlap - sunflowers - and BBQ! The food was a-maze-ing.
I adored Elly's outfit. Girl got a trainer when she got engaged and seriously, it paid off! I need one - please and thanks lol.
Entrance to the par-tay.
Well hey!

The pics below are from Elly's bridal portraits. You can really see her glam in this first pic. Her eyes look amazing!

Great scenery right?

This is the church she and Tate got married in. Her family has been going there for years.
I think that this is the one she had framed and at the wedding reception for the wedding guests to see.
Beautiful black and white.

And ta-da! Here we are at the wedding day!
Getting primped and pretty at the hotel. We enjoyed an afternoon with a great hair girl and makeup artist!
Check out the gorgeous flower arrangement in the church (to the left). There were two huge arrangements like this.
I could not get over how beautiful our bouquets were! They were so pretty and perfect that they almost looked fake! They smelled wonderful too! They included tulips and peonies! :) Elly's bouquet was HUGE and not gonna lie, heavy too!
Us girls, not the best pic of me but hey, it wasn't about me so whatcha gonna do.

The guys
My personal favorite - Elly dancing with her dad at the Club to "Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy" by the Tams. They shagged in typical Eastern NC style.

As a side note - Dave and I got to hang out with my sorority sister, Molly, and her husband, Jim, over the weekend. Check out Molly's blog over at Puddles of Jam - she just posted her own pics from the wedding! I hope to post my own pictures sometime this week - although I am not quite sure how good they will be lol. Molly and I tried to remember to take as many pics as we could while in New Bern this weekend - it was quite the challenge! teehee.

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