Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More of Elly and Tate's Wedding Weekend

If you thought I was finished posting photos..... you were totally mistaken! ;)This is our welcome bag! It is totally something Elly would say and probably has said to me a million times in the past lol. In the bag was 2 bottles of water, advil, peanuts, heath bars, and weekend info!
This is a picture of Cassie, Elly's high school friend, practicing the song she was to sing at the wedding the next day - she sounded great!
Annnnd this picture is VERY Elly lol
Oh hey! Here we are playing cornhole at the rehearsal dinner! I NEED these cornhole boards.
Elly's friends Katie (bridesmaid) and her husband Kyle chatting it up with Dave.
My hubs
Table dec
I heard this strawberry cake was out of this world, slap your mama, amazing.
The adorable bride
During the toasts
Elly, Jim and Molly
The wedding day...... mimosas :)
View out of the bridal suite
THE bridal suite - not a bad set up huh? We were watching the first Sex and the City movie. At my wedding we watched the 2nd one! :)

Mama Dru putting on the Hanky Panky lace garder
Eeeeek! All dolled up and headed to the church!
Ding ding ding went the trolley.... a man named Clancy St. Clair was a our driver
An hour before the festivities
The cute church
Bye bye trolley!
Elly and her mom checking out the bouquets

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