Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Housewarming!

Our housewarming party was on Saturday from 2-5 (drop in style). I managed to take a few pics of the food before guests started coming!

I set everything out on our table ... We had coolers outside of beer and soda and then a well stocked bar with wine and liquor inside. Below are goat cheese bites-goat cheese roles in pistachios.

These are crackers topped with ricotta and honey.

Easter candy of course.

Mozerella, basil and tomato skewers with a pesto doping sauce. These went fast, I had to keep restocking!

Mini chocolate cupcakes

Adult lemonade and kid lemonade

Ranch cups with veggies

Stocked bar

Also, i made Brie bites (see ellys bachelorette post) and passed them around later in the afternoon. There was also a huge cheeseball which Dave requested that make lol.

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