Sunday, April 1, 2012

Elly's Bachelorette Weekend!

My best friend Elly is getting married in just a few weeks and so we celebrated her Bachelorette at our family mountain house. Myself and Katie (far left) are bridesmaids in the wedding and Laura (bottom right) is Elly's sister-in-law and MOH. The girls got to the house around 3 on Friday. I was already drinking a glass of wine when they arrived. We went to the pub/pizza place in the neighborhood and had pizza and salad. Then we came home and watched the movie Bridesmaids! And of course we chatted it up as us girls do best! On Saturday we grabbed breakfast sandwiches at Buck's coffee shop and then we went hiking! It was very fun! We were relieved that the rain went away.... as it rained all Friday night.
This is Katie, Elly and I once we got to the top of the mountain!!

I was introduced to "Brites" - brie bites which are super easy to make. Just lay out frozen shells on a baking sheet, cut off skin of brie, cut it into 1/2 in. pieces, put in cups with a teaspoon of either apricot or raspberry jam. Put in oven for 7 min. on 350 - done! I'm definitely having these at the house warming....
I gave the girls a little welcome gift for the weekend that included OPI polish (elly's favorite) and Sofia sparkling white wine. We brought our cans of wine up the mountain and opened them together for a cheers up top!
Elly and Laura introduced us to this prosecco which is DELISH.
We went out for a nice dinner on Sat. night and split two desserts - even i got a smigen lol. The one on the left is smores and on the right is vanilla bread pudding.
We dared Elly to take a pic with this wax man - we aren't the type of girls to make her go ask a random stranger for their number or anything lol.
The gals after dinner.
And this is how I feel today. lol Great weekend!

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