Sunday, March 4, 2012

Night night weekend

We had a fun time this morning at the dog park with our friends Todd, Merris and Trout (brees' boyfriend). B seemed mostly interested in tennis balls and less interested in the other dogs but I think she still enjoyed herself. She's such an only child. I ran around town today. I even saw the bachelorette, Emily Maynard, while shopping at Target. Ran into sine friends while there too and was happy they were in swears too lol. I was on a hunt for a new shower mat, birthday cards, and plate hangers. I only found birthday cards. I did go by west elm, hobby lobby (which is closed on sundays), michael's, lowes and TJ Maxx. But no luck. I did find a nice thin 5x7 rug for our office that ties in the colors of the room quite nicely. I got it for just $50! So I guess not all was lost! And as you can see below, me and B are headed to beddy bye!

Ps. Do you ever have those days when you never get full and you eat and eat and eat? I'm having one of those. Maybe Pms? Let's hope it is lol.

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  1. So fun you saw Emily Maynard! Is she as gorgeous in real life? It's just not fair how pretty and nice she is!!

  2. Hey! I had actually met her about 2 years ago at a blood drive and she was sooooooo nice. Her daughter was with her and was so cute and shy! She is really really petite in person and yes just a pretty as on tv! Lol