Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday...comes only once a week... thank goodness.

Whew! So this weekend is my work Gala and so I have a busy week ahead!

Last weekend was fun. We went to Raleigh for a engagement brunch at the Governor's mansion on Saturday. We left on Friday and got in town in time for a nice dinner with a big group of 10 people at BusyBee's. I had the scallops with veggies and it was delish. Elly's (the bride and bff) favorite dish was their loaded tater tots - think loaded fries but in a tots version ha.

We spent the night at the governor's guest house which was catty corner to the actual mansion itself. It was a big old house - the kind that ghosts haunt and movies are made.

Then the next morning we all got ready and headed over to the mansion for mimosas, bloody marys and eggs benedict. I can't wait to see/post the pictures!

Then Dave and I headed back to Charlotte and cooked dinner for our friends Merris and Todd who so graciously have watched our pup on various occassions! A taco bar and margaritas were on the menu - yummmm. There was a huge storm in Charlotte that night - the thunder was big enough that it set off a neighbor's house alarm! It was a little nuts. It was fun to be able to step out on the front porch and watch the rain though. We also dog sat our friend's dog, Peanut. She is like 1/8 of Brees in size and is more into people than dogs. Brees was really confused and totally jealous of our splitting our attention. Needless to say, between the two confused dogs, I didn't get a wink of sleep Saturday night!

Sunday we headed to Davidson college because my "step-nephew" was playing soccer. He goes to IMG and is an awesome goalie. Sadly it rained the whole time and their team lost but it was nice to see family none the less! Plus it was the first time I had seen the soccer pro in action! haha.

And that about sums up the weekend! Hope you had a nice one too!

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  1. Where are the pictures of the haunted guest house?? :) and of the brunch! Is that building actually where the NC Governor now lives, or is it mostly used for entertaining?

    The New York Governor's mansion in Albany is about 3 miles from my house, however it is not really the home of our governor - he lives downstate in Westchester with his girlfriend Sandra Lee (of Food Network / Semi-Homemade fame).