Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Possible Bachelorette House

Well look at this little gem in Quail Hollow. Apparently producers of the Bachelorette are looking at it for the boys to stay at during the show. In case you hadn't heard, the next bachelorette is Emily Maynard who only agreed to do the show if they filmed it in Charlotte because she did not want to leave her daughter. Of course, living in Charlotte, we cannot be MORE excited. Filming starts in March.Well obviously you cannot have the house NOT have a grand staircase....
Or cathedral like ceilings...
Ginormous hotel like living spaces...
One seriously ugly kitchen...
Another huge masculine room...
It wouldn't be the Bachelor or the Bachelorette without a pool... where would all the scandalous events happen?
OH hey, I kinda do like this
Make room for the men!
Oy vey


  1. omgosh great post!! thanks for sharing! so excited!!!

  2. Wow that is so cool! I heard they were moving there for some of the filming... I like how they name drop her now during the "sign up to date our next bachelorette" commercials during the Bachelor this season!!

  3. Haha yea we are so excited about the show being taped in Charlotte!