Sunday, February 12, 2012


Here are my thoughts....
1 - did you know that the grammys are 4 hours long?
2 - katie perry looks horrible with blue crimped hair
3 - foo fighters are normal performers now when you throw niki minaj in the mix
4 - loved Coldplays performance of Paradise (dave and i love this song)
5 - Loved Adele's performance, hair, makeup and dress
6 - LOVED Jhud's performance of I will always love you - they picked the right person for the job
8 - Adele and I are bffs but she should have not been chewing gum while accepting her awards
9 - what was the mouse head that performed with the foo fighters? i think i missed something
10 - wonder who did the seating arrangements? Blake and Miranda next to Lady Gaga??
11 - where was Madonna?
12 - Niki Minaj, seriously? gross. you really thought that exorcism was the best route for a performance? As many people said, leave the crazy (and creepy and gross) stuff to gaga.
13 - Poor LL, he really didnt get a ton of face time lol
14 - side note, since i have not been drinking wine or eating big dinners, i stay up until way way after my normal bedtime (it's midnight now)
15 - how old is Diana Ross? she looks great!
16 - can you believe lady gaga and taylor swift were trumped by Adele? she is so adorable and she got cuter as she won more awards lol
17 - katie perry and riannah didn't bring dates i guess cause they sat together which was so cute
18 - it really should have just been called the adele grammys lol
19 - can i get to 21 to fit in with the Adele theme?
20- thank goodness some ex pissed off Adele so that all the girls around the world could get all of her awesome songs
21 - drum roll please..... eh, i got nothin.... good night!!

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