Sunday, January 15, 2012

House on Revenge...

I love this show called Revenge on ABC Wednesday nights. I'm not sure why I am hooked but I am. I especially love the scenery and the attire of the socialites.
Check out this gorgeous house that the Grayson family lives in. The whole show takes place in the Hamptons. Not bad right?
The inside isn't too shabby either. The rug looks like something from pottery barn. I adore the mirror and the light fixtures.

Again with the light fixtures and although I am not fond of the glass table, I do like the shabby chic chairs.
Obviously a huge home. I love the lamps, the light fixtures and the accent chairs in the living room.


  1. I am obsessed with this show. Cannot wait for Wednesday nights!

  2. I loooove this show. Would move there in a heartbeat (still in NY state so husband wouldn't need to take the Bar exam in a new state) but it's SUPER expensive. My Aunt and Uncle have a house there and it's crazy what rent/mortgages are there, in a house a fraction of the size of the Grayson's

  3. I love the show! Some things are inconsistent about the house, though. I'm sure Victoria does not spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but the cabinetry is inexpensive, definitely not what would be in this house.

  4. Forgot to say THANKS for this post, it is the only one I've seen on the interior of a great TV house.