Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nordstrom Rack-love!!!

New thing to Charlotte...Nordstrom Rack! A nordstrom outlet that's set up like a TJ Maxx. Saturday was my first time there and it was heavenly!

LeSport bag (mine from 2 yrs ago included) for $30 instead of $60!

Kate Spade skirt, $119

OPI polishes discounted!

I nabbed this top to wear with new riding boots and my brown blazer.

Love this dress. Got Both these items for $20-25 each!

I seriously couldn't get over the Nanette lepore and the Trina Turks! It was awesome and yes awesomely priced! I got a maxi and a great cow neck sweater too!

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  1. Yay! I looove Nordstrom Rack! There isn't one in Albany however I usually get lucky and there is one near where I am working - there is a big one in the Mall of America just 25 minutes from where I am working in Minneapolis! I've gotten lots of cute formal dresses there as well as discounted designer shoes. So fun!

  2. We got one here in Tampa about a year ago and I love it! Looking forward to more of your cute finds!