Thursday, September 15, 2011


Hello to our new home! (and no I didn't take this picture last night but I totally meant to!) So Dave and I closed on our new house yesterday afternoon! It was super exciting and we headed over to our new house right after work!!

You can tell that Brees is super excited about going to the new digs!

"Well hey there, welcome to our new house, this is our awesome BAR!"

"Welcome to my new amazing bathroom with two sinks and an AWESOME tub!"

Brees girl in the master bedroom as she takes it all in!

So our closets have built in's in them, we aren't certain we are going to use them as they take up a lot of space and we need all the storage that we can get!

A view from our kitchen looking back into the dining room and living room! There are these great wooden door that slide out and divide the space too.


Me and Brees just hung out inside while Dave sprayed a magic mosquito spray in the back yard. Already hard at work on our first night there!Hehe.

Hard at work!

Guest bath! It's move in ready!

Our giant refrigerator! Dave was adjusting the temperature so that the waters and beers would be icy cold for the moving crew on saturday!

"I like this big backyard!"

Love it.

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  1. I'm in love with your new house! :) Hope it holds many happy years for your family!!