Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Sorry to have been MIA.... we actually just got internet at the new house! So I suppose I have some catching up to do! So here are a few things of random that I know you oh-so-missed.September 20th marked baby girl's one-year-old Birthday! She was very happy as you can see in this picture :) Mommy and Daddy gave her a big bone that was decorated in ribbons. We also gave her a big fenced in backyard at our new house ;) hehe.
So I took this picture for a friend who has a baby girl with big big brown eyes and blond hair - reminded me of someone else I knew! This is me and Mama Joan back in the day! Which reminds me, Mama Joan's birthday is this weekend!
Guess who got some new jeans? THIS GIRL! Thanks to my bff Elly recommending I go to Old Navy, I got some skinny jeans and regular old boot cut. They have been great and the purchase was under 100 bucks which made me happy!
Why hello mums! You are a sign of FALL!
Nails.. So I tried copying a blogger that I follow and sadly it did not have the same affect!! Lavender with some sparkles layered over top but sadly, no go. haha.

Hope you are all doing well :) Pics of house craziness to come, promise!

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