Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

So the weekend started out at the Panthers v Steelers game... on the field :) I love it when Dave can get us "up close and personal" with the "guys"!! Ha! Even got to see Hines Ward from Dancing with the Stars. (Dave only points out the players that I would know due to tv or dating a celebrity lol)
Then the next day at work (I rolled out of bed and went straight to work - since I showered the night before - and this is all encompassed in the headband on my head) we had a luau party. It was super cute and they brought in decorations, costumes and an italian ice guy! I got nominated to wear the coconut bra lol. So now the girls at work have seen my true colors! LOL. Below is me trying out the Italian ice which we could have sworn was spiked lol.

And then on Saturday morning at 5am Dave and I hit the road to go see my best friend Elly in Beaufort for a weekend at the beach! We had been planning for a long time to go to the beach and visit she and her boyfriend Tate and while me and Dave were at the Panthers game on Thursday night... Tate proposed!!!! How lucky was I to get to see my best ENGAGED friend just two days after her engagement (she lives 6 hrs away!). So of course I packed up a gift of wedding magazines, ring pop, bridal headband, etc etc! I am so excited for she and Tate and both Dave and I had an awesome time with them all weekend long. Tate had even planned a friends and family engagement bbq on Sunday! What a great guy! We enjoyed tons of time at the beach, drinks, lots of southern goodies (fried chicken, hush puppies, cheese biscuits, sweet tea, pimento cheese) and of course plenty of QT with my bff.

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