Friday, July 1, 2011

Wedding at Beaver Dam, Davidson NC

This weekend we attended my co-worker Kelly's wedding at Beaver Dam, Davidson, NC. It was so beautiful and there were so many touches that I know Kelly did herself that were just beautiful! Here are some photos from this wedding (I adored Kelly's dress!!)...These were at the bar because she is from Georgia!
Adored her dress and her friend put together her flowers for her...
They collected post cards from various places that they had been together, mostly race related spots through work haha! This was their guest book - we each took one and wrote notes to the bride and groom. When another co-worker and I were talking about this, she said her brother and future sister in law are doing this at their wedding this weekend - the post cards are a part of the guest gift bags in the hotel rooms and the post cards are already addressed and stamped for the guests to mail the couple their memories of their wedding.

Cutting the cake

The cake was SO good! Lemon, yummy.
The main house at Beaver Dam...

My fun instagram photos....
There were lots of mason jars and candles!
The dance floor!
Loved the lights

This floral waverly fabric was sewn by her aunt for each of the tables

Our programs that doubled as fans
Loved how they tied up curtains!

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