Thursday, July 7, 2011

Holy Cow....

I can't believe I have neglected my blog this week! We got back from the mountain house on Monday evening (late) and since then have hit the ground running - Dave with a business trip and myself with the stress of will I get a job before August or will I adjust my course again? Ahhh! I seriously have gained about 6 pounds in stress over the past two weeks. I think today, despite the heat, I will go for a run when I get home - anything to release some of the tension that I have built up inside me! Isn't it crazy how stress can completely alter your personality? I feel like I am such a (insert B word here) at times but then the next minute I will be crying and then the next minute I will be laughing. Hot.Mess.

In the mean time I am planning to blog my little heart out today and tomorrow so that I don't stress over the waiting game any longer!

Last night (when I was eating cereal at 1am) I ran across a High Point friend's wedding video. She was married recently in Pine Hurst NC and the wedding looks like it was truly gorgeous!

Watch it HERE

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