Saturday, July 9, 2011

4th of July and Dave's 33rd Bday!

At turtle back falls! I thought this was a cute picture of Brees girl watching everything.
Phi and Matt going down the falls! Phi was so brave!
Dave and our little pup!
Me and Lisl dancing it up to the Wii
Great picture of Donald and Ash on the deck!
Dave toasting Lisl and Gunt on their marriage and check out the trifle - remember this from Gina's Skinny Recipe's site? Everyone really enjoyed it!
Kabobs and grilled corn were a hit
Tubing on lake Glenville
Me and Brees girl (we got TONS of pictures of her)
Taylor and Jesse chillin on their floats at the lake
Check out this awesome golf ball beer thing
Gunt hard at work
First time on a boat and loving her lifevest

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