Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our Weekend

YAY we consolidated our two storage units into ONE saving us $37/month!
It took awhile to do and a lot of sweat... and paper as the boxes from my dad's move were packed like he was moving cross country instead of his stuff just moving an hour to my storage unit in charlotte. ha.
Our now, ONE, storage unit.
And this was the second unit - ALL CLEAN!
And how about this lovely stool? I have two! Can't wait to paint and put new fabric on these guys!
Hello PAPER. Yes paper paper everywherrree!
Some really fun items like these huge and very Vatican like candlesticks were a great find. I will have to put these on ebay lol just to see what happens!
And my favorite find... my EMILY Louisville pottery kid collection :) Oh yes we had the Emily cups plates and mugs! Don't be jealous!
And check this out - my parents wedding invitation, doesn't it look so pretty?!
And then talk about OLD, how about this awesome piece of computer history that I found in my college stuff lol
And the paper monster kept on growing.
Then I found a lovely item that I wore on Halloween one year in college. Check out how teeny tiny this tee is! Jealous of myself I am. LOL I was a graffiti wall. I had pins and people signed. It was a great drunk game for the night. lol!
Whew was it HOT out!
Ahhh the sorority days. Note, "fragile memories are in this box"
These are the befores. Really. Scary.
Another scary one. But that bed frame and the chairs from my grandmother - ahhh there's just so much great stuff that I will be able to revamp one day for our very own home :)

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