Monday, May 30, 2011

The worst PMS ever.

Since Thursday I have had a large and disgusting amount of food. I would refer to myself as the bottomless pit. I am not sure what is wrong, perhaps it is boredom, perhaps it is PMS, Tuesday is going to bring a huge reality check and a complete diet re-do!

4 blue moon beers
1 Wendy's combo number 1: fries, dr pepper, burger and an addition of a frosty
BBQ sandwich with homemade chips and ranch - terrible BBQ didn't eat all
mac n cheese by barefoot contessa
a box of cereal
Starbucks chai soy latte
guacamole w. chips and salsa too
1 margarita
1/2 bottle of chardonnay
1/2 a bar of Carmel chocolate
two bowls of ice cream with toffee
salad with beets and blue cheese
salad with pears blue cheese and nuts
pimento cheese sandwich
2 small bags of Doritos
15 fat free fig newtons
triscuits and sharp white cheddar cheese slices
and I am sure that I have forgotten something

hope this makes you feel better about what you ate over your memorial day weekend

*** UPDATE: doing better! I started a book and have been playing with brees-girl, keeping busy and off the sofa haha!! Today: coffee, blackened fish with beans/rice, lots of water, low fat cheese and crackers annnnnd pistachios! Much much better choices! Fshew!

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  1. hahahahhhaaaa!!!!! i'm not sure it makes me feel better, but a darn good try em!! miss you bad lady!!