Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Sak Flap Bag

I adore this bag that was on Posessionista's website (in case you do not follow her - i highly recommend you start!) Go here to see the various colors on her website along with the purchase link. The bag is on sale for $99 and fits all of your needs like an iPad or snacks for the kiddies or, well, just read her blog! I may be searching around for one of these online as my iPad doesn't really fit my purse and I walk into work daily with an arm load of bags (3 and sometimes four-lunch tote, purse, workout sak, and school bag) daily!

PS. I think I may be obsessed with the silver and the pink - so not typically for me but wow! Very cute! http://www.thesak.com/Silverlake_Flap/pd/cl/1570/np/243/p/1269.html

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