Monday, May 16, 2011

New Favorite Show - THE VOICE

If you have not watched this show yet, it is on Tuesday nights on NBC and I, to be quite honest, am obsessed with it! The moment that I saw Blake Shelton was going to be a judge, I HAD to watch the show. Not only have I met the fabulous country singer, I also follow him on Twitter - his tweets are somethin' else and totally "wrong" in more ways that one! Haha. Anyway, basically there are four judges, Aguilera, CeeLo, Blake and the lead singer Adam from Maroon 5. All are artists from completely different genres. To pick their team they picked by voice in the first few shows. They picked those that they knew they could train and knew that they were good singers. Now, they are selected the two bottom picks to "battle" against eachother by picking a song and training them for their battle on the show. Vicci and Niki sang Pink's Perfect and I love that song even more now that I heard miss Vicci sing it - I love her hair, outfit and dance moves too haha. They were both on CeeLo's team.

To watch another battle, check out Adam's team members battling it out. The girl, Casey (who wins) sounds just like Stevie Nicks, amazing.

(And how about the friend he chose to help him train these singers was his good friend REBA. Could you not just hug her? She is just so pretty and SO nice!)

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