Sunday, April 10, 2011

Waiting for Superman

A must see movie.... very educational documentary flick. It will really make an impact on your thinking - especially if you have a teacher or if you have children of school age. It made me think of private school or a charter school for our children down the road. Even home schooling would be better than a child having a bad teacher or being tested daily by the state instead of learning daily. Montessori is another great system. At the end of this film, you just really are connected to the families who are followed during their path to get their children a better education. They try to get them into college prep schools or charter schools through applications and lotteries and the children are drug into this process too as many are single parents... and their children go through everything with their parents, even this application process - these children learn a lot at such a young age. One child even said that she knew that her mom didn't have money to pay her private catholic school and that is why she did not attend her graduate ceremony with her class - I strongly disagree with telling your child everything and even dragging them to a lottery, they are so young and fragile, how on earth are they too understand the rejection? This movie takes you through the politics behind schools, the tenures, the terrible teachers, the kids who are sent to prison, the thought that "education is a way out"..... you have got to watch it.

"Great schools come from great people"

Here is the movie's trailer, it's available on netflix -

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