Monday, April 18, 2011

My DIY mossy monogram!

Okay so it still needs to be trimmed up on the right side BUT c'mon, it still looks good for a first timer! It was a lot of work too....... but I really love the look and want to make another one soon!

Supplies were:

Letter M or your chosen monogram printed off on computer paper and blown up on copier

Scissors - to cut our your letter

A sharp knife, razor, or old turkey cutter to cut out your letter

Green foam from Michael's - they have all sizes and I chose the thickest but I think next time I will choose a thinner foam as this was tough to cut through!

Two bags of moss (Michael's) - they have several types but I liked this one best (it is really messy and kind of smells)

Glue sticks and glue gun (next time I am going to try a glue spray as I used a lot of glue sticks)

Hair spray (to spray the final product so it stays put!)

And voila! You've got your mossy monogram! Do you think I should start an Esty store called that? Selling these? Might be a lucrative business... thoughts?


  1. love this Em! just curious how big it is...?? like 8x11?

  2. Hey girl! Yes it's about that!