Sunday, March 6, 2011

This weekend

Lucille's Bachelorette Weekend!
so... it snowed in Asheville AND there were wild turkeys... hehe.
Adorable dishes that Kelly's mom Colleen put out for brunch. So girly.
These just looked too cute not to take a picture of. We actually did really good cause you know we could have eaten this whole bowl! lol
The "bride" robe that I got Luc! Gap cotton robe with bride embroidered on it :)
Aren't these gorgeous? Lea had them as her centerpiece for the NC Phi Mu shower on Saturday.
Our NC phi mu's that came for the shower get together. Amanda, Kelly, Lea (@ her house), Lucille (bride), Julie and me (I hate the angle that I am at!)
Lea's son Graham asking to take a nap and holding his monkey stuffed animal. Luc opening her gift from Lea (everyday china). Isn't Graham the cutest???
Lea's doggie named Baxter who really really REALLY wanted to join the fun!
Lea and Julie, Hostesses of the NC Phi Mu shower made some wonderful food! Spinach dips with veggies, bagel chips with a parmesan and spinach (warm) dip, chicken salad with cranberries on croissants (my personal favorite) and pasta salad which as you can see, I ate first! The plates were Lea's grandmothers - love that.
This on Saturday in Hickory still at the shower with our sisters. I had so fun getting together and catching up with the girls! We could have talked for daaaayyysss! Don't you love Lea's sofa that Lucille and Miss Amanda (expecting a baby this year!) are sitting on? So cute.
This is at Kelly's moms house in Asheville - she decked it out for Lucille's bachelorette weekend with gorgeous flowers, candles, boas, and colors of sweet pinks.
These are the fabulous glasses that my friend Ashley (look her up on facebook: Craft Ashley) made for me to bring up to Asheville for the girls. I got 6 bottles of Trader Joe's 2 buck chuck and we drank from these cuties all weekend!

After the shower we went out to eat at Tupelo Honey - an Asheville favorite. I miss that place - the mountains, the Asheville vibe and gorgeous scenery, and their great restaurant, Tupelo Honey. OMG. Delish!
Nutty Chicken, pimento cheese, collards, sweet potato fries, tomato soup, grilled cheese (any cheese) and sweet potato pancakes are their specialities! For a super reasonable price! ;)
Lucille with her two best girl friends, Kelly and me! This was after we all got to the house in Asheville and Kelly's mom greeted us with champagne that included a raspberry and some Chamborg (sp?). We are READY for the BIG day - it will be here before we know it! Eeeeek!

PS. I am thinking about going blond with my hair like - super blond - thoughts?


  1. Oh noooooo!! your haircolor is beautiful. That bleach can really do a number on your silky locks. LOL

  2. 100% blonde (ala Bachelorette Emily) or blonde highlights??

    I'm loving your new blog layout!