Friday, March 4, 2011

Photo Wall

My friend, bridesmaid, college roommate and sorority sister (all one person lol) made a family wall in her first NYC apartment. She used her initial and put photos around it just like the room featured above. I would love to do the same thing. Our living room is now in brown and red and I would love to have a red letter M, maybe in tin or wood to put on our wall as the center of these photos. Then I suppose I would do the frames in black as the other frames in our living room are black - not sure. I love the room above with the yellows - the decorator used different frames with different sizing and matting to make each one pop so that the wall doesn't look so uniform. I think that this wall would even look great without any photos in the frames because the decorator did just a great job - just using the frame/wood pieces alone would be a great art texture to have on that particular wall.

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  1. Glad i made the blog. I am working on a new wall of love in my new bedroom!!