Thursday, March 3, 2011

i heart vimeo weddings

i'm thinking about putting our wedding photos together for a video.

heres a quirky-cute couple

And then THIS video is my friend Alex and her husband Dusty that got married last summer - hottest wedding day I have ever experienced however so beautiful! When I met Alex back in like 2006 when she started working with me, we totally hit it off and every morning we had like hour long coffee chats before actually starting any work for the day haha. We have kept in touch ever since we worked at one of the most "different" jobs I have ever had. Although it was a dramatic filled gig, Alex and her quirky self made it much more bearable for me! Love this girl and she is so genuine and yes, she is always this happy and smiley! I am not sure if I have already posted this video or not but I thought about it when posting these others. Their wedding was at Lake Norman - I love how they narrate their video.

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