Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Make A Wish Ball

These are our photos from the Make A Wish Ball last weekend. We attended last year on behalf of The Dale Jr Foundation (my work) and then again this year... we were the Presenting Sponsor both years which was amazing to be able to contribute such a large amount of funds to Make A Wish. Did you know that each wish costs $6,000?? This is Bryson. He is in elementary school and has MS. He was pictured in a wheel chair and he walked at this event so I think that he is doing better. He was our MC and was such a show-man! He was funny and a big hit at the ball. Bryson got his wish two years ago - he got to go with his family to Disney World.
This is Joe. Joe the 20 year old cutie! We watched his story on the large screens. He was 15 when he got bone cancer. His wish was to have a new violin. He loved to play. After watching Joe's story and how his wish was granted with a brand new violin that he got to pick...we heard a violin start to play and saw Joe walk up on stage. It was quite emotional and so touching that they flew him in to perform and tell his story. He and Bryson both sat at a table that The Dale Jr Foundation donated back to MAW. This made me so happy. They also were given hotel rooms at the Westin that we donated back as well. Anyway, after Joe finished playing and we finally got our mouths off of the ground. Our wish director, Amy, told us that Joe's right arm is prosthetic. You would have never known. He performed at Carnegie hall last year.
This is the only photo of me on the way to the ball. Dave took it because we wanted to show his mom that I was sporting her amazing and totally vintage chic mink! I LOVE this coat. And guess what? I totally rocked it. Thank you so much for passing this gorgeous piece on to me! I promise to be the best daughter-in-law ever and give you tons of grandchildren!! LOL
Cute and totally simple decorations.
So proud to see our logo, the biggest, on the screens at this event :) Dave and I enjoyed our time and I hope the rest of our table did too. I love my husband because he will get up and dance with my as soon as the music starts where as the rest of our table either left or just hung out. We had only had one glass of wine each so no, we weren't drunk, if that thought crossed your mind! He also did the cupid shuffle with me :) Love him.

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  1. awww sounds like such a sweet evening!!! I was waiting to see how gorgeous you looked!! should have taken a pic without the jacket, but you're right, this jacket is AMAZING!!! love the kids stories...incredible!