Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Catfish Documentary (no not about the fish)

So this film was a big hit at the Sundance Film Festival last year. It came out in the Fall and about Facebook (oddly the second Facebook movie of the year). But this one is even more controversial with a big helping of creepy. The movie is not about the fish, Catfish. And in fact, the meaning is not even revealed until the very end. I don't want to ruin the movie for you - there is a spoiler and trailer at links below - but I do recommend watching the film. It is a true story about Nev's (who is a photographer in is 20s in NYC) relationship with this 8 year old girl who painted his picture that was featured in a newspaper. After she sent him her first painting, she would follow up with him and he would send her more of his photos to paint, etc. A really sweet relationship. His brothers, who are film makers and share an NYC office with him, decide to document his relationship with the girl as they have become pen pals. But then while filming the relationship gets more in depth and the girl's family starts getting in touch with Nev through Facebook. Her brother, sister and mother become his friends and it the sister, 19, has the hots for Nev. They start a flirty relationship and so begins the odd turn of this story that I will not ruin for you. See it, it's really interesting, yet unsettling.... but it did get an 81% rating of Fresh on Rottentomatoes.com and that ranks in the same percentage as Black Swan and The Kings Speech :)

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  1. We saw that movie a few weeks ago - and talked about it for days after!! Totally interesting, original movie, they were there at the right time and place I guess. Definitely shows the potential for the creepy on the internet.