Friday, January 14, 2011

A Thought

If you could go back and choose a different major in college...what would you choose?

I have worked in marketing, and at a tv studio, as an executive assistant, then another job as a receptionist, and now a non-profit adiministrator.....

Obviously my first choice would be teach elementary school kiddos - as I am back in school now for that and will graduate in December (yay!) BUT if I really wanted to revamp things and do some more schooling I think I would first be interested in being a dermatologist - weird I know but I am obsessed with skin stuff and I think the results would be amazing to observe! And second I would be a dental hygienist! They have GREAT hours (mine works Mon-Thurs from 7am-4pm with an hr. lunch break)! Plus I have put in some good hours with the orthodontist over the years! And I think, this is gross, but when they scrape your teeth and then polish them up - I just would love to clean up people like that! However, I am sure they are some super gruesome mouths out there!

Have you ever thought about what you might do?

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  1. like this post. as I'm beating myself up this week over wtf do I want to's good to know that we all think...there's always something else that might be more interesting/fulfilling. think you've got the right pick though....HELLO, SUMMER VACATIONS!!!!!