Thursday, December 30, 2010

What did everyone get for Christmas?

Starbucks gift cards....Always a great gift!
UGGS! Finally! No more "Fuggs" aka my Fake-Uggs! I LOVE THEM.
William-Sonoma Dressing Mixer. I LOVE this gadget because you can do a homemade dressing and keep it in the fridge and mix it up whenever you want! This will help us to have a healthy new year!
This is a Mark Roberts Christmas Fairy. Shirley, my step mom, has given me several over the past couple of years. I LOVE them! This is an example of one, not the exact one that I got. This Christmas she gave me one that had some fun colors like pink in it!

Some other things that I got were a pretty necklace from my husband for our first Christmas :) Some great pashminas, BedHead PJs, a monogrammed bracelet, a gorgeous brown throw...and so much more! I feel so spoiled!!

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